Confused Somewhat by DXO Mark Numbers and Still Lifes from Imaging Resource

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sponnan wrote:

Good point. I never thought of that before. BTW, I went through your site and I really liked your work. I never liked automotive photography before. But your work  automotive photography in a different way.But I really liked the way your photographed those cars.  I even like your people photography.  You have great skills and I am trying to learn something from your photos.



Thank you very much for your very kind remarks. I've been lucky enough to have a career in which I've gotten to shoot a wide variety of subjects for a lot of pretty demanding clients, and I especially enjoy shooting people, cars and food. I am, by nature, a person who likes to share what I learn with others, a sort of lowball didact, I guess. If you can learn anything from my pictures, then I am very happy that I have been able to make a tiny contribution to anyone's understanding of the great art and craft of photography, even if that was not necessarily the original purpose of my website. I've been thinking of starting a blog to go with it, and I might just do that, along with, perhaps, staging some workshops along the way.



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