from 5d2 to k5 for portability?

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Re: k5 vs NEX7

Dear Serge,

your post is interesting to read. I am also deciding between NEX 7 and K5 (II). Defenetelly I am less experienced and I will be happy if you (anyone else reading) would share knowledge - opinios with me.

I did check tests of both cameras (not just) here and I have my doubts and questions which I need to get answered.

In reference of this web, NEX 7 is better in resolution, video mode and slightly better RAW.

RAW: I do not know how eventually test are done here - if its to the date and relative status or it has systematic rating against the tests/time. However advantage seems unsignificant and in DXO its only in portrait color depth - I do not know if 0.4 EV can get significant. I did not feel this difference so much with my work yet.

Video: there NEX is really great. However, for what I need (art videos for dance performances and documents of them) I can not use Full HD. Question is, how to downrate video to HD, that it looks better? (So far I prefer to shoot 1270/24p - I did not find a trick.)

Resolution: I do not really have clue how big difference is 16MP to 24MP in detail/image quality (in APS-C). (No real experience.)  Detail is important for me- I love FF (alas too big and expensive). I try to look at it from perspective that I shoot in low light and for B&W most of times. I do have feeling that Low light - dynamic and detail needs to be in balance. I can not say if DR/low ISO advantage of K5 sensor is significant to the NEX 7 (DXO above). I like to keep shooting on as low ISO as possible.

What would be difference in K5 IIs and NEX 7 in real world? How much visible difference is in term of resolution? How much PP removes from sharpness - resolution if AA fix needs to be applied? How big in reality is risk of having moire in pics in everyday photo life?

Lenses. I try to build cca 5 primes and 2 zooms system. I do have a feeling that NEX lenses are not so great and  Carl Zeiss  I can not afford. Is there a cheaper solution? Legacy lenses from Minolta, Samyang?

With Pentax I found easier to get good lens and with somehow good price. Pentax ltd.,  legacy or Samyang. I am after manual lenses.

I do not think NEX has in body stabilisation.

Handling: I did hold NEX 7 and it feels great. However, I have question, that if you have long lens (80-200mm) on such a small body how difficult it gets?  I have MX which is slightly bigger and heavier (no grip) and 80-200m handheld is challenge.

Size is important (I tour a lot) but I prefer quality or overall IQ in this case.

I do not pretend to be professional - or smart, I just try to voice my questions detailed, so I can learn more precise. Grateful for any help.

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