Pics of Nikon 1 18.5mm lens mounted on cameras

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Bailey151 Senior Member • Posts: 1,144
Re: Pics of Nikon 1 18.5mm lens mounted on cameras

myzel wrote:

Bailey151 wrote:

VR on a 1.8 prime?

Wold be cool, but isn't exactly my top priority on a prime lens

Auto ISO?

Try setting ISO, fast enough to not need VR…

Auto ISO is nice with M mode. Together with auto Area AF mode, that's a good set up for quick snapshots (or street photography). Only downside is, that there is no exposure compensation available in M mode. That would be very useful.

I should have expounded a bit - what I meant was auto ISO is handy.....but if the circumstances dictate turning it off is an option - which is pretty much the point of controls, no? Meaning it's up to us the photograhper to utilize the device to best meet out needs at a given time.

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