Anti-pixel peeping thread: Post your favorite "imperfect" photos

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Re: Anti-pixel peeping thread: Post your favorite "imperfect" photos

Great idea,

I have many to choose from but the one included comes with a story.

First Miles

A friend of mine saw the shot and wanted to use it for an article in a magazine his company edits.

I sent him the full res image, and the art director refused to use it because it was not sharp. As a matter of fact he is right, the focus is in front of the shoes. So the image wasn't used. Later on, the art director said he was sorry he hadn't used the image, as it was perfect for the article. He now used a perfect image that dit not quite suit the article. It was about letting children find their own way, not being over protective as a parent or something like that.

Anyway, my friend later used the image to print a canvas as a present for the art director for some kind of celebration (can't remember), as a visual reminder that perfect images are not always the perfect choice. Two years later the canvas is still in his office

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