Importing photos to iPad only once

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Re: Importing photos to iPad only once

Oliver Mueller wrote:

Whenever I import photos to my iPad, I chose to keep them on my SD card. It's supposed to be a backup so I want to have them on both, the iPad and the SD card.

However, after importing the photos, I usually look thru them and delete the ones I really don't want to keep. So far so good, that's especially what the iPad is great for, right?

When I connect my SD card the next time, Photos imports all photos again, including the ones I deleted on the iPad before. The only way to prevent this is to manually select the photos I want to import. Is there really no better way to import photos? Is there a way to import specific photos more easily? Is there an app that does that, or that allows to delete something off from the SD card?

Thanks for helping!

I've played with this a bit and found out the following:

- if you jailbreak (you should: a jailbroken iPad is far-far more capable than the sometimes absolutely insanely restricted, jailed one!), you can make third-party photo viewer apps access your images directly, including deleting them off directly (!) from your SD card

- of the apps, I've tested Photo Manager Pro and Buzz Player 4.0. The reason for this: the former is an excellent, all-in-one image viewer (review: ) and the latter, while it isn't as sophisticated as  Photo Manager Pro, still a great all-in-one multimedia app (review: ).

The former can't access any directory directly, the latter can. That is, you should do the following (assuming you do jailbreak):

1, purchase Buzz Player ( )

2, create a symlink with iFile to its Documents directory (see the tutorial at )

3, start Buzz, make sure you're in the icon view (so that you can quickly, without having to make it fullscreen, determine whether an image is worth keeping. Of course, you can also tap a thumbnail to quickly check out an image entirely. Unfortunately, it's not possible to delete a photo in the full screen view.)

4, click “Edit” in the upper right corner

5, select the images you want to delete

6, click the “Action” icon (third from the right in the upper right corner; note that it'll be only activated after selecting at least one item in the main view) and select “Delete”.

Note that there may be other photo apps allowing for accessing the storage card directly (via symlinks) and direct image deletion.

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