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Lets get clue.

photomeme wrote:

my posting, not email.  (i'm fighting this ridiculous rich format box that belongs in an email engine, not a forum).

This took me a little time to get use to but it works. I have seen other forums go this way and it works very well.

So lets get some clue. Does the forum work? Yes, can you read it? Yes. Can you post? Yes. Does the voting system cause me not want to be here? No, because if I don't like a feature there is an ignore button in my brain for things I don't like to look at.

you did not read my posting.  you're responding to my substantive points with unrelated platitudes. Everyone sees it.  You're being ridiculous.

I did read your post. It was silly, and this one is even more so.

sucking up to someone?  or just preening your feathers?

No, I don't know anyone at DPReview. I only know the site works, the forum works, it is free, it has great information. It has not gone downhill, it is only getting better.

you seem naively unaware of what's happened with the dpreview since the acquisition.

Again, your point is an opinion, and an observation, one that I don't share and an observation I disagree with. The site is moving forward in a positive direction. The site is updated, the forum is updated, both for the better. You seem to be the one preening their feathers.

get a clue, the current team has not been doing this a long time.

I have clue, the current team is still pumping out articles, reviews. What do you expect for free. If you were paying $50 a year, your might be able to complain and it actually not sound selfish and self absorbed, but you are not paying, it is free and it is much better than any other site. I believe it is number 1 IMHO. Show me another site that is better so you can go there and leave this place which you hate.

this dpreview forum initiativeappears to incorporate the worst unlearned lessons over at  amazon, and is repeating mistakes played out time and again in the industry over a decade ago.There are accepted engineering solutions and widely known best practices for everything that ails the site.  (although they've created a few problems even I haven't seen before).  if they, like you, don't know these solutions and practice, they should hire a few well known folks in the space with this expertise.

I use Amazon all the time. I buy stuff from it all the time. The website works. It does not hinder me from purchasing. It allows people who buy the product to write reviews that I can read and make an informed decision. I was never able to do that before the internet, I would walk around the mall or best buy and hope for the best. I think they are doing great. They don't need to hire know it alls like you who would only ruin either site. Please God, don't let people like this complainer get anywhere near the web site decisions making for Amazon or Dpreview.

dpreview's ham fisted wreck is getting worse, not better, and they don't even see the icebergs dead ahead.

You must live in a different universe that no one else lives in. While you are entitled to your opinion, there is not ship wreck here. This site is doing well. Even if they cut back on the reviews, articles, they had less people, it still would be an awsome site. It is free and your expectations are out of whack.

instead of rolling back, scrapping this "launch" and taking six months to re-engineer this pre-alpha mess, they've played a classic but awkward damage control move: brought back the original site creator Phil Askey to stem the tide of departures from the forums.  Yeah, sure, right, he just happened to show up, ROFL.  I don't buy it.

I know what a pre-alpha is. This site is not that. It works. You and I have been debating this for some time now and everything works. I am probably posting more than I usually do. They need no damage control because there is no damage. The first day they had a few hiccups but as any webdisigner, as the problems were discovered and people made it know, they fixed them and they were very minor problems, many of them preferences. What else do you want for free.

meanwhile substantive forum activity is down.  they'll run this titanic straight to the sea bottom at this rate.

I don't know if I believe this. Show me some statistics that prove this. And make sure they show previous years so we can see cycles of ups and downs that are seasonal. There is no wreck, the Titanic is still afloat, no icebergs ahead. It is smooth easy sailing. You just don't like change. Go sit in the life boat, stick your head in a bag of sand, hold on to a life preserver and enjoy the ride chicken little. The captain and crew are doing a great job. If you don't like the free ride, get off an ride on another boat... but wait there are no other boats better than this one.

But if you actually have a rely, please include in it, what is broken on this site, not your opinions or your preferences, things that do not work that would prove this to be a pre alpha site. Show me the crashes, show me error pages, show me things that don't work. Also when you make claims of down readership show me facts not some observation that prove this and that it is not a cycle that normally happens this time of year. Prove, your claims because you sound like a madman who is angry at a free website that has great information and allows us to debate about just about anything.

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