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Re: I'm not one to curse easily, but I think it $ucks bigtime.

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Previously, embedding images was easy.

Just copy-paste a link from Zenfolio or whatever other hosting site.

One click - done.

It still is easy: position the cursor in the text, click the "Insert/Edit link" button and paste your Zenfolio link into it.

And moving images around in a message in order to control the layout and improve the viewing experience (or sequence in a series) was easy too : just move the links around.

I can easily drag the inserted images  to a higher or lower position.

Now, with the WYSIWYG control scheme, all of that is lost.

Embedding takes multiple steps with that stupid icon.

Captions are a hassle.

Why? Seems easy enough to me.

And forget about layout.

No matter where you are in the message, uploading an image to embed, will put that image right at the front of the message.

Not if using the insert link icon

Moving them around to create order from chaos is cumbersome, not even mentioning that the captions do not get moved together.

There you have a point;

Really, I think they tried to fix a system that was totally NOT broken, and now I am not motivated anymore to go through the pain of posting images.

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