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Re: mirrorless?

droppedchopstick wrote:

I want to learn how to use a manual camera, and... take shallow depth of field shots -- blurry backgrounds, sharp foregrounds -- should I go for something like the Nikon P7000 / Canon G12, or can I do all this easily on a mirrorless camera and if so which mirrorless cam is best.

I want light and unobtrusive in terms of camera which is why I don't want to buy a DSLR. I also want something in the 700 and under USD range.


For shallow depth of filed you want a large sensor. Cheapest large sensor cameras are used APS-C DSLR models, however smaller would be something like the Alpha NEX-F3 MIrrorless Digital Camera with 18-55mm Lens ($600). This gives you a small versatile camera with manual controls and a very good sensor. Note: at the lower price point you still need to menu-dive more than on a used mid-range DSLR. To get the extreme DoF you need a fast lens. You should be able to find a used Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 or Minolta MD 50 F/1.4 with adaptor for around $100. This gives you manual aperture, and focus. The Sony E-mount 50mm f/1.8 would be a good choice if you need auto focus but would run more money.

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