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Re: Most MILC do not permit HFD setting unfortunately

axlotl wrote:

For most of my photographic experience (50+ years)  I used single focal length lenses each with a distance scale and depth of field scale engraved on the barrel. You could set the HFD for a chosen aperture then fire away without needing to refocus on every shot. This was fast and reliable. Unfortunately the facility for presetting a focussed distance manually has been lost to many camera/lens combinations in the modern era.  I suspect that M43 camera bodies read the focussed distance  of M43 lenses and wish this could be presented on a monitor or EVF display. This would be extremely useful.

I agree Axloti - I think this is very unfortunate that the vast majority of lenses don't have this ( some FT do) but also that the digital opportunity in setting focal range locks has not been taken up.

Basically the option to choose a range at which the focus hunts in: so for action it "knows" this is the lens and aperture range that it should hunt in and no further. Also you could set hyerpfocal to infinity and leave it there. Heck I had a w90  pentax compact 35mm with a hyperfocal button on the barrel.

The other alternative to the delight of macro and low light shooters would be automatice focal bracketing or DOF bracketing.

Further to a combination of the two points, if the camera finds nothing to shoot then it could set the focus to average and a slightly higher f stop automatically or burst bracket both. Nikon V/J kind of does this, selecting the "best" image from a burst for the user before he or she licks the lens clean

Both of these could be acheived by firmware updates BTW !! which is the good news.

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