Crop factor question

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Crop factor question

Sorry if this is a really stupid question. But I've recently moved from a Nikon crop (d300 1.5x) to a 5Dmk3 FF and I was just wondering if all lens quoted focal ranges are equivalent in literal terms (i.e. due to actual mm lengths of the optics) or do they ever get adjusted to an 'equivalent' range.

E.g. If you have one of Canon APS-C only lens that is a 70-200mm on a relevant crop body (1.6x) will you always need to have a 112-320mm on a FF to get the same perceived range, or do you ever get a crop lens that is labelled as a 70-200mm because the amount of zoom is the same as you'd have with a true 70-200mm on a FF camera.

Basically, I'm just trying to gauge if I simply need to times all my crop sensor lens focal ranges by the Nikon 1.5x factor to get the equivalent lens in a FF - or is there a chance that some of them might be "equivalent" focal ranges and so I just need to get the exact same focal range in a FF lens to get the perceived same lens? I know that the pros/cons/price of individual lens needs to be factored in and not simply go for a lens because its in the range you like, but just interested.

Did that rambling make sense to anyone?

Thanks, Richard.

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