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Re: I pad or android questions

Thanks Ken and Steven well I am just starting to get interested in tablets and the truth of the mater is I don't really know what to get. I have a smart phone a Motorola blur which I sometimes use as a ereader and surf the net with and nice though this is could do with something a bit bigger screen wise. Recently visited one of my brothers who had an Ipad which was quite good at showing photo's of the family at a family reunion. I also have a laptop which I do not use but do have a USB external hard drive for it and wondered if this can be utilised with a tablet hence the OP.

To be honest I do not want to spend the money on an IPAD but will make the effort if it is worth it. Basically I want something that I can show pictures on watch movies (netflix) surf the net keep a diary etc I am not much into gaming (I am 62) although never say never and I do play a lot of music.

What started this off was a trip to Argos to get Mrs Bigbob a TV and started looking round they had a cheap 7" tablet (badged with their own name) for £99 then a Samsung 7"tab 2 for £199 and a 10.1" for £299 and I know you could get extra memory for these. The problem is I do not know what speed or OS these things work with to get the best performance/price ratio so maybe I should hang fire until I know a little more.

The photo size thing was just a question out of curiosity its no problem batch resizing by setting up an action in PS.

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