16-50 pancake kit lens

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Re: 16-50 pancake kit lens

Rod McD wrote:

So yes the 16-50mm will be compromised in many ways:

1. It is not a fast lens
2. It is not the sharpest lens
3. It is a zoom lens
4. It is a cheap lens
5. It is a small lens

I agree generally that all lenses are compromises, but surely the degree of compromise varies quite a bit?  The statements that the 16-50 is a zoom, is small and is not fast are true.  The statement that it is 'not the sharpest lens' must be speculation.  - I'm happy to be proved wrong, but AFAIK there are no comprehensive tests available yet.  And don't forget that small can be very sharp - at least in the world of primes (eg the Samsung 30mm, the Pentax 40mm pancakes).  There are also a few remarkably small sharp zooms - the Canon G1 X's small, slow, retracting zoom for example.  Let's give the 16-50 the benefit of availability and some real tests in the hands of photographers.

My $0.02c worth, Rod

I think you are right that it is a guess that the lens is not the sharpest lens, but it is an educated guess as a zoom lens is mostly less sharp then a prime and cheap lenses are mostly not as sharp as expensive lenses.

For me "not the sharpest" is not a bad qualification for a lens, as you get what you pay for and cheap lenses has to have some design compromises.

What I'v seen from the 16-50mm lens so far it is not a bad lens for its price at all. If the compromises made to keep the price down, make it a zoom and make it small are good or bad depends on the things the user of the lens, what is acceptable for one is bad for the other.

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