Why Olympus Really Needs to Make a True SLR E-7

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Re: Why Olympus Really Needs to Make a True SLR E-7

jim stirling wrote:

light_bulb wrote:

- 2 Bring a pro-specced OM-D with on-sensor PDAF and high end EVF with ultra high resolution and refresh rate for action shots. This would make up for a very capable and still light weight travel package. It would also allow to keep the assortment of very nice FT lenses and sell more of them. Probably this is technically still too long to go and thus stay with option 1.

I don’t think the market for FT lenses would be that great, while many are truly excellent they are typically far heavier, larger and much more costly than the mFT alternatives. I am not saying there would be no demand. I suspect that the HG and SHG lenses are already in large part owned by the type of photographers that are prepared to sacrifice a the benefits of a light compact system for a bit more quality .

Whereas the fundamental ethos of mFT is smaller and lighter, there are probably thousands of posts from those who love the compact nature of the system in the mFT forum. Compared to a relatively minor number of posts from those looking for full support for HG and SHG lenses and from the posts that I have read they are not surprisingly folk who already own these lenses, rather than any kind of huge underlying latent demand from mFT users looking to purchase £1800 14-35mm lenses. This has nothing to do with the quality of the lenses they are excellent just the reality of the success of mFT which is all about the ratio between the size/weight of your gear to the image quality it can produce.


You are right Jim, MFT has become a growing microcosmos of its own. I have an E-P1 that I still like to use with the Panny 20 1.7 because it is perfectly pocketable.

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