Boycotting this forum until demeaning "Consumer" is removed from the title!

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Re: Please don't encourage the crybaby.

Simon Gallup wrote:

digitall wrote:

Well, I must say that I was surprised to see read the new forum title and there is something offensive about 'Consumer' in this appellation. 'Consumer' is actually a slur against the type of people who use these cameras (not to mention that if it is supposed to denote a distinction between 'professionals' and hoi polloi then it is a false one: many professionals would use, say, the D7000). It suggests that we are a set who consume cameras as others do the mass-produced throw-away trinkets of the consumer market. Hardly the case. I am in hearty agreement with the sentiments of this post.

​Yes, find an apt title, please!

"Consumer" refers to the type of camera, not the shooter.

"Nikon Consumer DX SLR Talk"

Of course a Pro could use a D3200, and an amateur could use a D4, but that has nothing to do with the forum name.

I think they divided it perfectly.

Nonsense! Cameras are not consumers. Consumers are people who consume. You've put the cart before the horse. Such cameras are designated consumer cameras because it is supposed to reflect the buying habits of the sort of people who use them - and, presumably, replace them constantly.

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