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Re: It's all coming...

I read the article and there where a few interesting things:

" Our long term strategy is towards FF while short term strategy is increasing line-up in APS-C segment."

So there will be more APS-C dslr's. Entry level? above K-5?

"As to time frame, it (FF) is under advanced development towards 2013 or later. You can expect that."

"Meantime, mirrorless segment is moving forward to smaller size. Even though there was possibility to bring FF into this segment, it was our conclusion that APS-C should be the utmost size for mirrorless segment."
They considered making a FF mirrorless system but decided not to. APS-C mirrorless? Is it the GXR, the K-01 approach or something different?

They stated that loosing the AA-filter is the future and not only in Medium format and APS-C. Are compacts with no AA coming?

"Meantime, we have been developing another technology for even better IQ which has different approach than w/o AA."

Sounds interesting.

They will also be working hard on bringing out more Q and 645 lenses and are working on successors for the 645D and Q10.

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