Art or Pornography?

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Re: Art or Pornography?

theswede wrote:

photo32 wrote:

Get Bill's photos, erase his name and send them to a Eastern European child pornography gang. Mail them out to the "network" and see if they are defended as art when they show up on the next FBI raid.

They won't be, which says a lot more about the FBI than about the photos.

No it says the photos are indefensible without their "artist" pre-conception and the FBI can make an independent judgement

Just having artist next to your name or hanging photos in an exhibit doesn't give you the excuse to legitimise anything you like to get your face in the paper.

Correct. That right should belong to you anyway. No need to have exhibits or labels next to your name.

No you don't have the right to legitimise whatever you want, some things are actually illegal. Although Henson was ultimately found to be not guilty at law it doesn't make his actions right in the broader eyes of society.

Society has standards which are tuned over time to provide reasonable protections and freedoms. Push the boundaries but when the boundaries push back then stop and ask your self why.

This is completely backwards. What should happen is that society should ask itself why it feels the need to push back against expression and adapt as warranted. Society is not tuned to protect; society is tuned to maintain status quo, and status quo is harmful in the long run.

Not backward at all, it's self-regulation. If you do something and it blows up in your face then you need to ask yourself why and not just hide behind the excuse of artistic exrepssion or whatever other motivation you might have. By all means push - society is not totally rigid - but be prepared to admit your error when you go too far.


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