D600 lens choice for amateur. Advice appreciated.

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Re: D600 lens choice for amateur. Advice appreciated.

My photos sit in my hard drives for mostly my own enjoyment.  I sometimes pull my wife over to admire some of my works (to justify my eroding our bank accounts). I have printed some larger prints to adorn the house but that's it. I guess my expectations are pretty modest but nevertheless increasing.

I don't suggest 24-120 or 24-85.  Not fast, not wide, not long. It's compromising everything.

I don't suggest prime, fast or slow.  For your application and usage, it doesn't justify the cost, any cost.

I don't suggest shooting in RAW, for the same reason: The workflow involved doesn't justify the purpose.

I DO suggest high quality lenses - the image simply looks better. I also recommend weather-resistant lenses since you're now having a weather-resistant camera. To be able taking pictures in the rain, snow, ..., it will enrich your collections.

I would recommend one lens: Sigma 12-24mm DG II, $800.  It's not fast; it doesn't take filters; it's not VR; it will make you miss all the tele shot.  Other than that, it's EVERYTHING.

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