32mm f1.2 lens patented (85mm equiv)

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I think where CX has the advantage is if they built a 28-112mm-e fixed lens camera like the Fuji X10.  If Nikon built something like that, I think it would be a huge hit.  It would give you DSLR quality in a small-ish camera, with a fast-ish zoom.  In terms of size and weight, it would lie somewhere between the X10 and the Canon G1 X...


I think it's just a matter of time before someone builds such a camera.  Whoever does it first will likely sell a tonne of them.  I'd certainly buy one.

Ii've been thinking the same way. I own a G1 X and the only downside for me is speed. Size is no problem. It's bag-able like everything but the tiniest Elphs (S100 in a pocket? Seriously?)

It's really interesting how sensor size and lens size play off each other...

In terms of DOF control (ignoring DR / ISO / MP), the XZ-2, X10, and G1 X give you virtually identical results, despite the big difference in sensor sizes.  They all top out at around F11 on the long end (FF-equivalent).  This is better than you get with a kit zoom.  The bigger sensor sizes only benefit you with primes.

Unfortunately the DOF on all the mentioned cameras is pretty deep. Without using Macro to force things a little it's very hard to get separation that means anything. Of course there's 'bokeh' when the background is distant but the real 'use' of shallow DOF is subject isolation in visually noisy environments. To me that's useful when I can shrink DOF to 6 inches or so and thus pick out a person against a wall or in a group. We're still way off that.

Of course, the Nikon 1 can do it with a sub f2 lens.

Right now, the 1" sensors are just good enough to give you DSLR quality, but in time, the 2/3" sensors will get there, then the 1/1.7" sensors will get there.  When that happens, the really compact cameras will be amazing.  Imagine a camera the size of an XZ-2 with DSLR quality.  

Sadly we'll never get there with small sensors. Physics dictates the amount of light we can capture. The D4 is close to theoretically perfect in many ranges (i.e. it's possible to say a theoretically perfect file at ISO 1600 looks like what the D4 delivers at ISO 400 - just don't quote me on those numbers.)

We can also see that even a perfect CX sensor won't ever deliver today's DSLR quality. It'll look great but low-light performance will always be trailing.

If we don't compare ISO performance and fixate instead on the image quality it's perfectly reasonable that a system built around very fast lenses could outperform or equal shooter who think their 2.8 zooms are fast.

It's not irrational either. In the film days lenses were much faster. A set of 1.2 CX primes, or a 1.4 zoom, would be showstoppers.

If Oly can produce a body that handles their 2.0 zooms well I'll be very tempted.

I see the best options as Nikon 1 - whose radical speed is a revolution and Pentax. Not only do I like the K-01 but it allows me to buy great Pentax glass that will cover full-frame and thus last forever. No other system offers that without an adaptor and the current best small sensor bodies, by Sony, have no decent glass beyond the hard to find and super pricy Zeiss's.

Yes, I agree.

As sensors get better, the lenses are going to be where the real value lies.  We're already seeing a Zeiss resurgence, and Leica's cooperation with Panasonic has certainly produced some nice glass.

I have some Leicasonic gear. It's great.

Right now, m43 is the farthest ahead on the compact mirrorless lens front.  I think there's still time for CX to catch up, but Nikon needs to play its cards right and move quickly.  I know there are a lot of alienated DX customers because of holes in the lens selection.  If they're equally complacent about the CX mount, they'll blow the opportunity.

If the V2 offers more manual control I think I'll pair it with an FT1 and 50 1.4G for portraits. I'll get great depth of field  control, awesome quality as I'll only need the centre of the lens, a really low price relative to Sony's 24mm, more speed and a lens I can use on my other bodies.

A fast Nikon mirror less with an F mount? Take my money.

Interesting times.  

Absolutely I can't wait.

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