Commentary on the Sony Nex and Fuji X Systems

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Re: Commentary on the Sony Nex and Fuji X Systems

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It's funny that you mentioned in an earlier post that one of the reasons that you didn't purchase the X-Pro1 was because of the sensor. For me, the "X-Trans" sensor is one of the main reasons for going with the X-E1! The low light capability is excellent and the JPEG images are great as well. Yes, it has some RAW conversion issues, but I think the problem has been a bit exaggerated. Since I won't be photographing bushes or using the camera to counterfeit currency, I think it will do just fine for me! Most of the critics here seem to be trolls or fanboys of other brands. I have heard very few actual X-Pro1 owners complain about the camera's image quality, in fact it's just the opposite.

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I have some friends on other forums who have returned the camera for issues that we're talking about, and I've processed various raws from several raw converters to know where I stand.  X-trans is great at high ISO.  In fact, it is probably the best aps-c at high ISO, but low ISO is sacrificed because of it.  It's inherent in the color filter scheme, and one has to choose what their own acceptable balance is.

Of course, this is all dependent on print size.

I have seen no proof of this claimed low ISO item in any review or on any forum.  Comparing shots between my FF Canon setup and the X-Pro 1 they seem very even at ISO200.

Then you need to do more research. Watercolor issues are the subject of many threads in various forums.

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