D800 Grip Revisited - Nikon is DUMB!

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Re: D800 Grip Revisited - Nikon is DUMB!

newtoy wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

newtoy wrote:

Are you sure that they are 99% identical? If your see thing a little deeper behind the surface. You will see the main difference! Cast metal vs plastic! Are they functionally the same? Let put on you 70-200 vr ii. You'll see what I mean!

My 70-200 VRII is the lens that's on my camera most of the time and it's the main reason I bought the grip to begin with. I've had the Nikon grip on my camera. If it felt/worked better I'd have bought it without a care.


OK, fair enough, I hope you are not using Black Rapid Strap as well. Wishing you all the luck!

While I wouldn't think about using a cheapo grip, my Black Rapid straps have been working just great, 70-200VR and all.

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