Hands-On Sony NEX-6 & 16-50mm OSS images & other E-Mount Lens

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Re: Why no wireless flash?

nosnoop wrote:

S.A. wrote:

Thanks for the pics. Looks great I think.

Now my question. Why do you say you can't do wireless flash on the NEX 6 like you do on your NEX 7?

I am also interested in why you mentioned that you could not do wireless flash.

I might have confused many people when I say it does not work wireless flash. What I mean is with the NEX-6 I cannot use the wireless setup that I have currently for my NEX-7.

I have two ways of getting my NEX-7 to fire wirelessly.

1) I use a HVL-20 on the hotshot to fire my HVL-58 that I hold in my other hand.

2) I also have the Sony wireless cord that I can attach to the hotshoe and the other end to the HVL-58. In certain condition, I find that using it this way is faster and more accurate.

I know that with the NEX-6 new hotshoe, you now can do a lot of wireless with triggers like other brands, but with my setup I can't since the shoe is now not Sony. Bummer....

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