Hands-On Sony NEX-6 & 16-50mm OSS images & other E-Mount Lens

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Re: Hands-On Sony NEX-6 & 16-50mm OSS images & other E-Mount Lens

S.A. wrote:

Well I pre-ordered the NEX 6 partly because it has a hot shoe. I just sold my 5N to make room for it. I got tired of trying to rig an optical slave on the NEX 5N flash to fire my radio triggers.

Webgeek, does the NEX 6 work well with radio triggers? You raised a flag for me when you said that it doesn't work the way you want, compared to your NEX 7. Or do you use some other solution for wireless flash?

Thanks for all your help and for the image examples.

Hi Scott;

I might have confused many people when I say it does not work wireless flash. What I mean is with the NEX-6 I cannot use the wireless setup that I have currently for my NEX-7.

I have two ways of getting my NEX-7 to fire wirelessly.

1) I use a HVL-20 on the hotshot to fire my HVL-58 that I hold in my other hand.

2) I also have the Sony wireless cord that I can attach to the hotshoe and the other end to the HVL-58. In certain condition, I find that using it this way is faster and more accurate.

I know that with the NEX-6 new hotshoe, you now can do a lot of wireless with triggers like other brands, but with my setup I can't since the shoe is now not Sony. Bummer....

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