Nikon still selling defective D800s

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Re: Nikon still selling defective D800s

tgbs wrote:

KG2002 wrote:

Could you maybe post the images from Focal? I received my D800 in August (here in Canada) and did not see any unexpected issues in focal point quality...

(BTW I really like Reikan Focal - has definitely improved my fine focus adjustment!)

Where did you get it and what is your s/n? I've got mine at Henrys this weekend and they sold me a used unit with 76 clicks. S/N 50037xx. Brining it back this week but I would like to know what the current s/ns are.

I am on the second D800, the first S/N: 50023XX was repaired twice for the LF problem with no success, actually it was worse, on the third trip, I was given two choices a refund or a replacement. Regrettably I took a replacement, at first I thought, finally some luck has come my way, on further testing it also has the LF problem, its S/N: 50037XX. Both camera were tested with Nikon 24-70mm @24mm F/2.8 at a distance of 4'.

I am now hoping someday soon to read in this forum that Nikon Canada can reliably fix the LF problem so that I can take my camera in to get repaired before the warranty expires. A very sad situation for such potentially great camera.

Looks like you've got it from the same batch Henrys sold me mine from. Unless you've returned it to Newmarket location and they gave it to me. Would be interesting though

I was promised a brand new unit on Friday. I will report the sn and if it has the AF issue.

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