D800 Grip Revisited - Nikon is DUMB!

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Re: D800 Grip Revisited - Nikon is DUMB!

Shotcents wrote:

I've had three grips fail. Two were Nikon and one was Pixel. The Pixel product was replaced much more easily than the Nikon.


Boy, Robert, you sure are thorough about maintaining your point! No post is left unanswered by you, it seems.

You appear to have had a very exceptionally high level of crappy luck with Nikon grips. I have had one grip fail -- the Zeikos, as I mentioned -- while neither of the two Nikon grips I have used has ever had any problem, and I've been swinging them from a BR strap as I trudge along hiking trails (it took much lighter use than that to mess up the Zeikos). However, neither you nor I have a sufficient sample to draw any meaningful, general conclusions.

While the internet is definitely not the best place to do scientific sampling -- partly because people like yourself with complaints (and the afore-mentioned thoroughness about expressing them) tend to dramatically skew the sample, and also partly due to a sort of bandwagoning effect with popular bugbears -- however, the web is also the most accessible place to get a general sense of what is out there. My process of surveying the internet for people's experience with battery grips has turned up many more complaints about third-party grips than OEM grips. While I definitely agree that Nikon has drastically overpriced the MB-D12 (in fact, I think they also overpriced the MB-D10), and does not have perfect QC (nor anything like perfect behaviour vis à vis many of its customers), their inflated rate ends up being a price many of us are (somewhat grudgingly) willing to pay in order to reduce the likelihood -- your experience notwithstanding -- that our grip will fail us at an important time (and what time using a camera is not important to the photographer?).



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