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Re: XP1 out of camera jepg: settings

I don't have any real established settings. I shoot RAW with jpeg - Mostly I use Astia as the film mode. Most of the time I use the in-camera RAW conversion to  evaluate how the file looks using different film types, exposure compensation, et. al.. This is a good way to establish which settings work best for the user in particular circumstances.

Typically I have evolved to setting NR at -1 and sharpening at -1 and sharpen in LR4.

I know it is a fond hope but I wish FujiFilm would make their raw conversion to jpeg routine available as an app for Windows and Mac.


Oh, I do set NR -2, Sharpen +2, and ISO at 6400 for BW. This yields grain that reminds me of Tri-x processed in 1/25 rodinal.  Real grainy and real sharp. This is nice for folks who might like this sort of thing.

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