Confused Somewhat by DXO Mark Numbers and Still Lifes from Imaging Resource

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Re: Confused Somewhat by DXO Mark Numbers and Still Lifes from Imaging Resource

I'm not sure if the main point you are making is about color reproduction alone, but, if so, why  you are concerned with color as specifically as you seem to be? As a person who has had to match colors very, very precisely (interior cloth, leather and trim in automobile design development bucks and advertising) in both digital files and prints, let me say that no Jpeg file coming out of any DSLR, nor raw file out of Lighroom or a camera maker's raw software, will be color-precise enough to satisfy many high-precision needs, no matter what are a particular camera's scores on DXO or any other testing site. Photoshop is your friend; "selective color" is your best friend, and "fade..." is your best friend's helper. For day-to-day color accuracy, both Nikon and Canon, and other makers as well, usually have a particular color look that you will either like or not, according to your preferences, but dead-on color accuracy in digital photography is definitley a post-process undertaking.

So, if you are a fine art painter, for instance (?), and you want to do an extremely accurate copy of one of your paintings, the best things to do would be to somehow try a variety of cameras with whatever process you would likely pursue for your own purposes - Jpeg or raw - and go with whichever one, after doing the best you can on setting up the processing in camera or from raw software, looks best to you. Forget scores, as they can't give you a real-world idea of what you will finally see and like. Color is both a science and an art, and the art part dominates the final results when judged, as they must always finally be, by the combination of the human eye and brain.



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