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Re: Funny

photomeme wrote:

you appear not to have read my email, choosing instead to spout platitudes.

i speak as an industry veteran.

I did not get an email or a PM from you, so there was nothing to read. I think my email address is hidden anyway unless they changed that in the upgrade. So is this some sort of lie?

You are probably a veteran, so old that you don't really have a grasp on the "industry"

It really doesn't matter if you are in the industry or not. DPreview has been doing this a long time. I joined in 2001 and lurked before then. They have now and always had a great website. I have always liked the look and the forums look great and the new ones are an improvement. Features like voting are great, they think ahead and give most people what they want, except for the complainers here. If you were in the industry, you would know this but you complain.

Anyway, you are probably not even a photographer, you have no gallery, links, challenges, nothing. You have 188 posts and you are complaining about a great website that has been around a long time? Why am I even having a discussion with you. You called the website a failure in another post, but clearly it is not, so you are wrong, and you are just here to complain. Good luck on that. I had some problems when they first launched, but they fixed them. Life is good at DPreview.

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