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Re: Hot pixel is not high ISO noise, affects large area

G4orce Studios wrote:

Sammy Yousef wrote:

Please do not confuse hot pixels with high ISO noise, or suggest I came across it by taking pictures of the inside of my lens cap. (That's the best way to have automated software like PixelFixer find them though so it can remap them on "real" images).

I was not suggesting that at all, just relating my own lack of experiences with hot pixels.

Sadly that was me a few months ago. Once you see one in a really bad place - as in on my 2 year old daughter's teeth - it gets irritating! Less critical but even more noticeable due to dark colour on my wife's shirt, you just want to throw something at the photo....and these were essentially test shots not something that's even worth printing.

It's really nice to find something to automate their removal, but I hate that I now have to choose between using up even more space, or modifying the original image. I always like to keep the original as is. (Perhaps that's just not sensible in this case). It would be SO much nicer to just have them mapped out and never have to worry about it, but not $600 and weeks without various cameras worth of nice.

I've only delved into high ISO on rare occasions but it requires a whole new skillset and understanding to make the most of it, which is why I'm always impressed when someone show's such fantastic high ISO shots as yours. I know it's not just a matter of setting ISO and pressing the shutter button. You need to get the settings and the light just right, and post process with plenty of respect for the noise.

If Photoshop and Lightroom didn't require updating every few months for RAW support that would be another thing to consider, but when I have tried 3rd party software it's never compared favourably to Nikon/Nik Software for RAW conversion.

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