Why do i have dust like spots at low aperture?

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Re: Why do i have dust like spots at low aperture?

I've had this same problem for a couple of weeks at low aperture now - I sat down at the weekend to try to cure it with:

A LensPen.

A cloth.

And a dust blower.

I cleaned 3 different lenses thoroughly, and took test shots with them all, I also took sweep panorama test shots - these helped show dust spots up for me.

All the spots were at the same places in the photo - so the dust spots were on my sensor - not the lenses.

I used clean mode, but the dust spots remained.

Now....I've read countless forum posts about not using a dust blower on your sensor, and various other debate about how to clean it, but faced with the prospect of sending it back to Sony (I didn't want to wet clean it myself), or having a go with the blower - I went with the latter.  I chose the least dusty room I could find, held the camera with the sensor facing vertically downward, and blew about 5 pumps toward the sensor.

I used clean mode again after reattaching a lens.

I then took more test shots to see the results.

I had to repeat this process 3 times until all my dust spots had gone.

This worked for me, your mileage may vary, especially if you have spittle or some other type of mark on your sensor which isn't blowable dust.

good luck!

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