Nikon, seriously, where are lenses for "budget"-birders? 300mm f/4?

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Re: Nikon, seriously, where are lenses for "budget"-birders? 300mm f/4?

I used (and still use ) the 70-300 VR for several years to chase our flying friends.  To me, it does not seem soft if the object is not far from the camera, but far off the 300 end does get a bit soft.

I bought the current version of the 300F4 this year and it is noticeably sharper.  It is also noticeably heavier--which was really noticeable when chasing giant swallow tails around the yard.  I am doing better holding it still, but it does better with the tripod (I guess everything does though).  Here are some birds with the new lens.  Though I was likely using a tripod with the 300F4 shots.

The wiliest, snowy egret and night heron are with the 300f4.

The seagull and pelican are with my 70-300.


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