Image of dust/oil on my new D600 sensor. Is this acceptable?

Started Oct 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
Wesbs New Member • Posts: 10

No it is not acceptable, I have issues with dust/oil, not sure which, but from the samples on line I would say my problem might be oil spots as opposed to dust spots.  I have had the sensor to the D600 open only once for about 2 seconds when I mounted the lens on it after taking it out of the box.  So disappointed to see the spots on the images I have.  I have had a D90 for years and before that a D70, never once had an issue with spots, even with numerous lens changes, never felt the need to clean the sensor.

I am going to take the camera back to b&h where I bought it and exchange it and hope that the issue does not repeat.  Again, this is really ridiculous that a new $2,000 camera would have this issue out of the box.  By the way, if it was dust why would not the dust cleaning in the camera take care of it, have tried that multiple times the spots don’t move at all.  My spots are clearly noticeable at f6.3 and become progressively worse as you move through to f22.

To say it should not be a big deal to just clean the sensor with air, or a wet cleaning, is ridiculous, maybe after a year it would be ok, but not after a week.

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