Bummed, but returning D600

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similar experience on D600, NOT on other dSLRs

Let me first say, in 3 years I have never, not once, cleaned my D90 sensor. The built in sensor cleaner has done a good enough job or it simply never gotten much dust. I am always careful changing lenses, switch it off first, keep it pointed down but definitely not shy about changing lenses when I need to.

My Fuji S2 before that I had to clean a few times with Eclipse fluid & pecpads.

Enter D600.

I've cleaned it multiple times already with rocket blower. An example from this weekend, after cleaning (one big spot lower righthand corner):


Go out one afternoon with a single lens (yes, not an environmentally sealed one) and shoot a few hundred shots:


Most of the spots blows off with some persistent rocket blowing... which makes me think this is not oil, although most of them are usually near the left side.

No doubt about it, this is *drastically* different from my D90 experience. I wonder if this sensor has a higher charge or if the body perhaps allows more dust in.

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