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G3User wrote:

This connect site just further dumb downs photography. We wonder why there is no money to be made in photography any more. Now we have Dpreview caving to the pressure of soccer  moms and others who hold up these stupid devices without a viewfinder who can't even see what they are taking a picture of in bright light and just snapping away. Thanks Dpreview for contributing to the further decline of photography. Not even worth going to college for anymore. How can you justify a B.S. in Photography if it comes down to this?
What do you think?

If others, soccer moms or any others, can create photos that make it difficult for a photographer to make a living, then what is it that the photographer is providing for buyer? Surely if the photographer is an artist, he or she is better than an amateur, and should have no trouble distinguishing his work from amateurs.
And strictly from a practical matter, as cameras get less expensive, and the darkroom moves to the laptop, how could soccer moms be prevented from making images? Should we only allow "serious" photographers to purchase cameras and photoshop? Who would decide who is worthy to own this technology? In the end it just comes down to my first point; if a "serious" photographer can't outdo a point and shoot snapper, then he isn't worth paying anyway.

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