Oly 14-42 IIr vs Pany 14-45

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Re: Oly 14-42 IIr vs Pany 14-45

Some test shots of a bunch of std. zooms.  The four thirds 14-42 and 14-54 and the micro four thirds Olympus 14-42 (version I)  and the 14-45 (finally one you care about).  I don't think the 14-45 is close the 14-54, or even as good as the 14-42.  The first Olympus 14-42 was pretty soft in the corners @42 mm wide open.

I will try to edit a couple of files with the 14-42II and the 14-45.  I do not see much difference between these two lenses, perhaps I have a bad copy of the 14-45.

I will usually use the 14-42II because it is smaller and lighter, and carry a couple of primes in case I see something I might want to print.

Yes I have too many std zooms, finally decided to just get a body with the E-M5, but I think I would rather have the 12-50 then most of mFT std zooms  I do have (I like 12mm, would like a sealed lens, and the macro is nice to have).

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