Todays Win 7 updates cause major crash on my PC

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Re: Todays Win 7 updates cause major crash on my PC

Is the problem immediately when you restart after the updates have installed successfully? My best guess is that a virus programmed to run at that point has entered your system and is your problem. Do you recall your browser shutting down recently when you tried to click/open a web-based item such as a photo? That may have been the point of ïnfection". I would call 1-800-microsoft and seek help. Answer prompts indicating you want tech support and have a problem with Windows 7 service pack 1. When you connect with a tech, explain that WinUpdate is causing your problem. They eventually will ask you for permission to take remote control of your system, diagnose the problem, and help you, probably at no cost. You can expect that they will let you know if any charge is indicated early on, even before they take control & diagnose, and you can choose what to do.

I had a similar problem last week (my first-ever virus) and the virus had also hidden my files. The tech(s) helped me find and destroy the virus in one procedure, and then unhide my files in a second one.

I've been able to get excellent support from MS four or five times over the years going through this and other numbers. BTW, any charge will be a modest flat charge regardless of your problem AND the time it takes for them to solve it -and, they have ALWAYS solved my problems. Moreover, for me, watching their remote procedures and methods has provided very valuable learning experiences.

Good luck to you.

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