Why does the screen, in low light doesn't show the focusing point but a great square?

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Re: Why does the screen, in low light doesn't show the focusing point but a great square?

Patrizia wrote:

Hi, everybody

I finally bought my nex 7 and unfortunately I must say I'm disappointed. I know, I know, I was told it was different from a DSLR but I didn't think it was all that different.

1) The pictures look rather flat to me, lacking the warmth and the fullnes of a DSLR

2) In low light (not too low, any way) it seems not to have a focusing point but a large square and I don't know what it is aiming at (may be I'm doing something wrong, if so please tell me)

3) it's very noisy at high iso and moving objects or people are blurred even if I set top iso (again, if I do something wrong please give me a tip, I only had the camera yesterday)

Now I'm really unhappy, I don't know what to do, if I give the camera back (which I can do) I still don't know what to buy (I can't carry heavy cameras tha's why I sold my canon 60D). Do things get better with different and more quality lenses? Can these problems be partially overcomed or not? Shall I have different results with good lenses or shall I move to another camera (which one)?

Please help me, I really don't know what to do.

You must be doing something wrong or you got a bad copy.

My NEX-7 has no problems and the photos it takes are nothing short of spectacular, even with the kit 18-55 lens.

The large square can be taken off if you go into Setup and turn the Autofocus Assist to OFF. When you do that you will see the same focus point square as you do in bright light.

Make sure you are focusing correctly, and that your pictures are properly composed. There is no reason why your NEX-7 shouldn't produce great images, like they do for me and many other people here.

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