Nikon parts: This will affect YOU. Please sign.

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Re: Here's all the replacement parts you'll ever want

Nippondenso wrote:

em_dee_aitch wrote:

nikonjohn wrote:

all the spare parts that you just twist or press to install.  I'd also like to see the grips included but maybe that is too much to ask.  Nevertheless, I appreciated the URL reference and I signed the petition.

When I was on the phone with them today I made the case for the grips, LCD covers, and battery doors all being user installable, as well as any of the parts that normally fall off speedlights.

This morning I got the broken LCD cover off my D3s with a hairdryer and a tiny flat blade screwdriver, and now I am not able to purchase the replacement part in the US, which is really stupid. This is a very simple part to install -- any of the three on the body are. I'm going to order the part from overseas.

Of course I also stated the case for more complicated parts going to outside repair vendors, *especially* for those who are out of warranty.

Here you go, I just found this on eBay after 13 seconds of searching.

This is really hilarious, you seem to be a very intelligent person and yet you refuse to take the path of least resistance.  Granted, these are only $6.87 direct from Nikon, but you have to consider gouging from eBay sellers hoarding massive amounts of parts.  This is a perfect example of why Nikon has taken this stance to protect their customers.

Here's you choice.  Buy the part from this eBay sell at an inflated price and stop looking for excuses to whine an slam Nikon.  Or continue this mindless campaign so you can garner attention..


I would vastly appreciate your response if only it were correct. Unfortunately, if you paid attention you would realize I am seeking the WB/QUAL/ISO window, which was not on eBay any time that I have recently checked. And no, the D3 version does not fit.

Nice try.

And I really don't care if a reseller marks a $7 part up 200 or 300 percent if it still saves me between 10 and 30 times that amount once Nikon's unnecessary high cost service and insured shipping are factored in.

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