Some thoughts about OVF and EVF

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Re: Some thoughts about OVF and EVF

Michael Fritzen wrote:


Wow. My mouth drops open.

I'm shooting SLR since 1978 - film obviously. Anyhow I've learned to appreciate a lot the almost instant feedback of digital, different form film or slide which have to be develloped first to see which settings worked a which not that much. And here I see potentials of the EVF in essentially being able to "see the shot before it's taken". And when doing this consciently (looking at the numeric value set which represents the actual exposure condition) it's in my eyes the best way for learning: with immediate feedback - not hours, days or weeks after the fact.

But while I recognize those potentials of EVF I'm still hesitant because of the viewing experience. While greatly improved since the A55, EVF for me hasn't reached a level yet of what I'd like to see for adopting it without restrictions. Perhaps fast action photography in this process may be an issue for a longer time.
Michael Fritzen

What a great post.  Thanks.  I have an a55 and have tolerateed the EVF most of the time, and occaisionally appreciated what it brings to the table.  My mainstay camera system is a900.  There are very few things I don't like about it.  Intelligent preview is good, but live view on the LCD panel would be better.   And I'd like to see the MLU "un-hooked" from the rest of the drive menu so that you could MLU and then shoot bracket shots, etc.  So an a900 w/ newer sensor and good live view is  "far enough" re seeing adjustment changes to histogram etc.

EVFs, IMO are too removed from the scene.  And the a77 (I've tested it in various conditions because I "wanted" to like the EVF since it had been improved) still is unacceptable in contrasty light, and too "removed" from reality.  So, I find myself agreeing w/ the Michael here, and the Michael on LL web site.  I'm hoping against hope that Sony may see fit to issue another "9" camera w/ OVF, live view, and the "plug and play" for EVF.  That would seem the best of all worlds re the new hot shoe, and allow the "9" to upgrade EVF technology as it matures by simply purchasing the latest and greatest EVF module.

As of now, I'm not sure why anyone w/ an a77 would "side-grade" to an a99.  Unless some of the video stuff is their main bag.

I'm pretty much a technology geek, but the EVF technology just doesn't get it done for me in photography.  I don't intend to start an auguement here, but it makes me wonder how many of the EVF devotees here have actually used an a900 or equivalent FF w/ really good OVF for long enough to have a real feel for what that brings to the table.  Perhaps it is a reflection of differences in generational thinking or something, too.  TXT has replaced conversation, and a video screen may very well have replaced the process of "seeing."



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