Why Olympus Really Needs to Make a True SLR E-7

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Re: Why Olympus Really Needs to Make a True SLR E-7

Rriley wrote:

more than just lenses

if you cant control a camera quickly b/se of 'faulty' poor ergonomics
if you cant see the 'representative vision' you saw before you aimed the camera
in the most critical analysis at a critical time, its next to useless
in all things photography accept it or die

throughout history hands have not changes size or shape all that remarkably
camera designers have thus far failed to make small cameras fit within these operable exceptions

as a challenge I think its loosely possible
but the resulting camera might for most be too different in a world of so much sameness

in the meantime begin with a camera
you already know about the lenses
dont be easily dissuaded, it was and is about lenses

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No it's not, with digital photography it has always been a combination of both lenses and body. Why do people keep denying the importance of what makes a lens useful in the first place.

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