Very dissapointed with the Autofocus system of my new Canon 5D MKIII

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Re: Very dissapointed with the Autofocus system of my new Canon 5D MKIII

Nikon's new camera has face recognition. It can recognize faces in a scene and automatically put focus priority on the faces.

mastix wrote:

I upgraded my Canon 5D MK II to version III a month ago to take advantage of the much publitized AF improvement. The last days which it was tested with the kind of photography the upgrade was thinked of was a big dissapoinntment. I am now in Tokyo and it's a great city at night with all the the neon signs in Shibuya ans Shinkuyu. The last nights I was noticing a lot of AF failures so yesterday I tested all AF modes in the Shibuya crossing where you have lots of people walking the pedestrian crossing while buildings full of neons are behind. Most of the times the cam focused on the neons behind the people as it was attracted to light areas in spite focusing on the people even if the focus confirmation points were clearly on the people. AF servo was worst than single AF and of the AF area options Single Point AF was mostly accurate than the other modes but it is difficult to track hundreds of people coming to you and this is what AI servo with expanded AF should do best.

The other point which I thought was horrible and has been covered although I thought it would be not so bad was the black square vs red square confirmation AF light. It was really really hard to track those black squares focus points at night.

Since the digital days I have been a Canon user- all the 5D series- and I read of the superiority of the Sony sensor(latitude and noise) in the Nikon cams ( I have a Nex 7 too and I can confirm the latitude is impressive) but as I am so heavy invested in Canon lenses I upgraded to 5D MKIII and I least thought I would be happy with the AF, it's not the case. I would love to be in Shybuya with the new Sony A99 Nikon D800 and see if they could do better. Any experienced users out there that tried different camera system in night situations and can comment of which one focuses best?

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