Software wasn't the problem. . .

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Software wasn't the problem. . .

The problem before wasn't broken software, but administration.

* Troll threads were not moderated

* Trolls were rarely, if ever smacked down

* Joke/satire threads (i.e., "which lunch should I buy? a while back") were smacked down. I guess levity is not allowed regardless of how many users enjoy and participate in such threads.

* Threads such as this would quickly be squelched (how DARE you question or criticize the almighty DPR gods?)

* Multiple daily "when is the $nD mark $x coming out?" are /never/ merged, which results in search being utterly worthless due to diluted results

* the moderators here never heard of "stickies", further escalating the problems caused by the previous point

Every time rumors about new cameras come up, you get multiple multiple multiple "when is $FOO coming out?" threads EVERY SINGLE DAY and the noise renders the forums unreadable.  Decent messageboards have these people on staff (whether paid or volunteer) called "moderators" who will create "sticky" threads which always show up on the front page of a forum/subforum, and they merge duplicate threads together in order to maintain search results and keep the forum readable - and they close / delete duplicate threads when people ignore the fact that there are already three threads asking the same exact question on the first page of topics alone.

No, the problems here on DPR are not technical; they are logistical and until they resolve the moderation issues (by changing priorities away from no listening to axing criticism and feedback and humor toward actually facilitating constructive discussion, merging threads, and maintaining readability) the problems here on DPR will not be resolved.

Instead, they introduced a forum which wastes screen estate (a board geared toward photographers and graphic artists should have /some/ concept of UI design), is half-tested in browsers which maybe people shouldn't but do use (MSIE), and are not tackling the real problems with the board.

Maybe they only tested the site in Safari, only on a 2560x1440 display, and have never used a well-moderated messageboard?

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