Is Ken Rockwell's review credible?

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Re: Is Ken Rockwell's review credible?

Dennis wrote:

Jethro777 wrote:

My brother, a die-hard Nikon and Canon fan swears by his reviews. Is it credible?

No. Ken has previously "reviewed" Sony cameras that he has never actually tried.

Beyond that, he devotes pages telling his readers they don't need high end gear; the cheapest kit lenses on the cheapest entry level bodies are sufficient, until it's time to look at a Sony camera, and suddenly he wants to set green/magenta WB tint ?

EVF ... I'm sure you can view the EVF without being cluttered with "junk". The EVF on the A55 is inferior to the higher end EVF in A65/A77, but the OVF in competing entry level DSLRs is pretty lame.

As for "basic settings" there's more to that than meets the eye, but again, you have to compare apples to apples, and I know that similarly priced Canon/Nikon cameras have vastly different settings compared to higher end models.

Canon is a camera built for photographers, while Sony is better at making electronic baubles.

That pretty much speaks to his bias. Frankly, I agree that Nikon & Canon know enthusiast & pro photographers and what they need better than Sony does and produce cameras that suit a wider range of such photographers. But Sony has better technology and knows consumers better than the other two. The A55 is a nice camera.

4.) The Sony A55 puts all sorts of junk files and folders all over the SD card. Not only does this make it a pain to have to hunt and peck for the only folder we need that has our images, half of my computers didn't recognize the card in my various card readers!

"Half of my computers" ? I download to one computer. I know some travel with a laptop. No problem with viewing the folders on cards formatted by Sony cameras. This is a non-issue and I've never seen it mentioned in any other review. (The playback issue is mentioned - having to switch between image playback and video playback, but that's just a minor annoyance and not a reason to choose a camera).

5.) The images just don't look as good as I get from Canon and Nikon.

Blah blah blah ... this from the guy who says most people should be satisfied by images from a Casio point & shoot.

Seriously, I'm not a Sony fanboy - I actually switched from Sony to Nikon. But Sony cameras are fine and Rockwell is an idiot.

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This is the computer he writes his blog on - explains the difficulty in reading the files?

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