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Re: 16-50 pancake kit lens

nevercat wrote:

Enir4 wrote:

Since the pancake 16-50 will have a design optically more compromised than the current 18-55, and given the price it won't have special glass, does it make sense to think that its IQ will be inferior to the 18-55?


First: every lens is a compromise. Do you make it a prime (Opticly less complicated, but high IQ for a low(er) price) or do you make it a zoom (more versatile, but opticly more difficult and so a (little) lower IQ for a (much) higer price. Do  you make it a (very) fast lens, it will be compromised in size (large) and price (high) or a slow(er) lens, compromised in low light response and DOF control. Do you make the lens very sharp (optimeze cost and possible other parts of the design will give a some problems) or less sharp at a better price.

So yes the 16-50mm will be compromised in many ways:

1. It is not a fast lens
2. It is not the sharpest lens
3. It is a zoom lens
4. It is a cheap lens
5. It is a small lens

All these compromises but the last one, goes for the 18-55mm lens too. The question is: how much will the smaller design compromise the IQ? I've played with one lens in a store and it looked good in handling to me. It was nice to zoom in and out with the ring (I don't realy like the zoom switch).

For IQ I can't tell to much, as I did not had a memory card with me. But in the end the optical quality of the lens will not be much worse, or maybe even better(but not by much) then the 18-55. Everybody has to decide if this lens is good enough for him or her, some will love the "gigh quality" pictures it will give compaerd to their P&S or cell phone, others will bash it for being not as good as $1000,-- prime lens...

Well said nevercat. It may prove to be better than the 18-55mm, but I don't feel it will be much better considering it's price and it' a zoom. But for the price and what it's intended for, I think it will be fine, and welcomed by many.

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