Which is better? A Nikon D600 or D800? Mostly using it HANDHELD & with low light.

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Re: Which is better? A Nikon D600 or D800? Mostly using it HANDHELD & with low light.

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(I don't really own D600/D800, but I have used both of them extensively)
I think it is the same as D600 if you resize your D800 image to 24M ?

Please correct me if I am wrong
a 24M image resized from 36M should be sharper than a native 24M image.

Resizing an image from 36M down to 24M would, in my opinion result is a less sharp image than one from a native 24M sensor. Taking an image 7360 x 4912 pixels and reducing it to 6016 x 4016 pixels is taking 1.23 pixels and repackaging it as 1 pixel.

Seriously, where are you getting these information?

Resampling, like it is done for distortion correction to the same output size does reduce resolution/contrast at the finest scales. But since the conversion from raw into a viewable image already includes some type of resampling (and the AA filter already blurs the finest scales), a 24 MP image generated from a Bayer sensor with an AA filter already is blurred at the finest scales. The extra information that a 36 MP sensor provides more than compensates for the very slight re-sampling blur going from 36 to 24 MP. The only situation why you might see a difference would be 26 MP monochrome, AA-filter-less resampled to 24 MP compared to a 24 MP (monochrome, no AA filter) when viewed at 100%.

Which leads us to the most important point: 99.99% of the photos you are viewing are not going to be displayed or printed at 100%. Thus, both 24 and 36 MP images will almost always be re-sampled anyway. In the early days of digital imaging when resolution was in short supply both on the sensor and printer side, people did try to set up their printers to not do any re-sampling (or only integer steps re-sampling). Maybe some people still do, my practical printing knowledge is not too deep.

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