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immanis wrote:

Christian Wagner wrote:As opposed to the splintered and fragmented world Android lives in?

This is a photography forum and I'm not interested in an Android vs Apple flame war.

Did you not read the rest of your post? How is the rest of it NOT an Android / Apple flame war?

And the walled garden is bigger then the open one, and we don't have to worry about trojan apps. Many of us don't want to deal with that. Apple makes things very easy. If you don't like it fine, but this is no more of a critique of apple then critiquing Android for being open. It's a choice.

Bigger or smaller is not the issue, walled is walled and it restricts your own rights over things you already own. Just to make an example, there is no need to scramble your media collection nor need for a proprietary application to access it. When everyone else only needs to plug their device and copy a folder, Apple users needs to install the crappy iTunes.

So you need to plug in AND copy a folder? What about maintaining those folders? Wow, I actually don't even need to plug in and everything is just copied, where I want it when I want it. If you want to mess with your folders, great, many of us don't. I have far better things to do with my time then mess around with directory structures. All I have to do is walk in my door and everything is synced, no fuss, no trouble, no plugging in.

"Lots of issues" I don't think so. Is there an issue or two? Yes, of course, but there are with all technology products, the difference is Apple's problems make the news.

Yes, I mentioned a few on the release of iPhone 5, but that wasn't even the point. The point is that the releases are not issue free, some of them are hardware-related and can't be fixed by software updates and more than once they blamed the user for the issue. Not a behavior I would like Nikon (or for that matter any company) to follow.

What release IS issue free? Please, name one, from any company.

Except usability of course. Typical PC/Android guy who thinks it is all about the specs. It's not and we all know that.

Behind is behind, and that usability thingie is just a myth. You can't even customize the look of your phone, you can't have widgets informing you of the time, weather or events in your home page and you need to open the applications for that. Can you tell me exactly what are the "usability" advantages of apple products over something else? Darn, they spent more than a decade insisting that one button is all a mouse needs.

It's not a myth, you already proved my usability point with your example above of copying a folder. I don't have to do ANYTHING. Which is more usable? One that requires work, or one that doesn't? I never have to restart anything, I restart my win machine (work) all the time.

I love Droid users who think customizing your phone is the greatest thing since sliced bread. You're the same people who put playing cards on your BMX bikes to make it sound cool. It was still the same crappy bike. As for widgets, you need an app/widget to tell you the time? Wow, thanks for further proving my points.

Funny about the mouse, why do I need more then one button? My mouse only has one button, it also has swipe features and other benefits. Never had an issue with it. Has the PC world copied that as well?

"and in general treats their user base as if they were barely deserving of their blessing."

Please provide a single example of this.

What about Jobs saying a customer that they were holding the phone wrong back in "antenagate"? What about customer support telling the users that they are doing it wrong by pointing the camera to light sources?

What part of either of those things constitutes "barely deserving of their blessing?" Both are better then Nikon who doesn't even acknowledge the focus issue (and I own a D800).

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