Use of D700?

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Re: Use of D700? When Speed matters use D700

ssh33 wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

I can surely tell the difference in any size..., surely know what I am doing and surely print 7.8m^2 day average on my plotter...  "dated" simply goes to the fact that if Nikon would stuff the D4 sensor and electronics into the D800 body (much like they did with the D3 sensor), it would provide a better (in every respect) up to date replacement with the same values behind it, it also goes for the fact that the 12mpx sensor is now 5years old and this is too long for modern tech (although the D700 did show a remarkable resistance to time)... I guess if it wasn't "dated" there would have been enough demand for Nikon to keep making them, yet it was a remarkable camera which not only I kept and find use for it currently.... but I suspect I will have great difficulty to separate with... unless if finally Nikon does provide the replacement that is....

Wall of text and no answer. You said that D700 IMAGE QUALITY (not the hardware) is dated. How so?

Because the IQ of all 3 modern sensors (of D4, D800 and D600) is noticeably better in all aspects of photography...

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