How important is Dynamic Range?

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Re: How important is Dynamic Range?

mpgxsvcd wrote:

maskinmester wrote:

All depends... I rarely need more DR than I can get from the RAW files. on the contrary I often go for high contrast (BW) with very little DR.

surely it is nice to have good DR, but most modern RAW capable cameras will probably do it for me.

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What if you for forced to shoot jpg all the time?

You'll have to play around with exposure bracketing and PP to reduce highlights and/or increase shadows -- or HDR PP of multiple exposure bracketing images.  Also mfgs. are improving the firmware of sensors to help increase DR.

As to limited DR, did you ever shoot slide film? At least with jpeg you can editthe image.

... Do you think there is a big enough difference between the RAW DR and the JPG DR to necessitate a higher dynamic range sensor?

Will a higher dynamic range sensor even help with the jpg files? Is the dynamic range of jpg files limited more by the sensor or just by the nature of the limited DR that a jpg file has. ...

Sure a sensor with a larger DR will help, but as others have noted there's bound to be lighting conditions that will be difficult for any sensor.

The jpeg of pic below the foreground was way underexpose and the sky was overexpose (but not blown), that's was with a exposure that was determined on averaging the metering of the sky and the foreground.  Shot RAW PP with ACR to bring down highlights, and raise shadows, and further PP with PSE 9 to save as jpeg. E-620 (probably has less DR than the current MTF sensors) with ZD 12-60

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