Is a Yongnuo YN-467 much of an upgrade/complement to a SB-400 on a D7000?

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Re: Is a Yongnuo YN-467 much of an upgrade/complement to a SB-400 on a D7000?

The YN-467 does not disapoint on my D5100 for indoor shots.  It can light up a pretty big space and the TTL seems to work for proper exposure.  I'm not sure about relative output, but the YN-467 has to be considerably more than the SB-400.

I haven't really had a lot of need for learning more about manual, but it does work off camera well although having to use the onboard flash to trigger with the D5100 makes it a bit of a bust, but that's the camera, not the flash.

The D5100 also has a sync speed max of 1/200 so flash is pretty much useless on a sunny day.

I was surprised by how many exposures I get out of one set of batteries and how quickly it cycles.

You can shoot bursts at normal flash output with it, but the D7000 probably has a higher burst rate than the D5100 so it might not fire on all shots in a series.

I'd get one and start learning about flash.  I feel like the flash can do more than the D5100, but your D7000 can probably utilize everything it has to offer and then you can turn it in craigslist for a $20 loss quick if you decide to upgrade.

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