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Re: The Fuji 18/2 and Sigma 19/2.8

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Sony current and future lenses don't interest me, Fuji's current and future lenses are awesome. The X Pro1, despite some weirdness, is a very nice photo taking system.

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I hear you, although the Zeiss lenses coming for e-mount (and X mount) in the Spring will help a lot, and having OSS in some Sony primes is nice.  Plus, the Sigma 19 is better than either the Sony 16 or Fuji 18.

As a user of both the X100 and NEX-7, the reason keeping me away from the X-Pro is the sensor, and, to a lesser degree, the size.  If the X-Pro had the NEX-7's sensor, I'd already own one.  As it stands now, I'll continue to use the X100 as my daily camera for most things, and I'll keep supplementing with the NEX-7 for more specialized use, like landscapes.

For some reason the 18/2 seems to get slagged every now and again. Exactly why I'm not sure. In fact I used to dismiss it until I used one. The Sigma is not a poor lens. However I think its virtues may be over-appreciated given the historical paucity of quality E-mount optics.

Below are some thoughts on both by a site that has reviewed both. Also, it should be obvious that one lens is f2 (Fuji) and the other f2.8 (Sigma).

The Fujinon 2/18, tested here, has plenty to boast of. Apart a small and very solid casing you get a very good f/2.0 aperture fastness. What’s more, in the frame centre, even at the maximum relative aperture the lens provides sharp, fully useful images. Even its price, although high, doesn’t compare so very unfavourably with those of its rivals. The Panasonic 2.5/14 and the Sigma 2.8/19 are cheaper but slower, with a worse build quality at the same time . The Olympus 2/12 is as fast as the Fujinon, has a bit wider angle of view, a similar build quality but it is more expensive. You can honestly say the Fujinon XF 18 mm f/2R is a well done lens, fully recommendable to those users who understand what they are buying and what the limits of such a purchase are.

The Sigma 19 mm f/2.8 EX DN is neither an outstanding nor an excellent lens. It is optically a bit worse than its 30 mm brother. Its performance on the edge of the frame doesn’t bowl you over; it would be more justifiable if we dealt with a “pancake” lens, not a full-scale and quite slow “prime. If you add to it noticeable vignetting and coma the situation seems to be quite bleak…

On the other hand you get a wide-angle EX series lens at a quite affordable price which can provide sharp images across the aperture range and for most of the frame. What’s more, this lens is optically better and cheaper than such instruments as the Olympus 2.8/17 or the Sony 2.8/16 - from such a perspective it would be difficult to complain. Especially that the Sigma can find its own market niche e.g. among the owners of Sony mirrorless cameras who, so far, can’t complain about the excess of lenses. It’s enough to say I had a lot of problems with getting a specimen of this lens for the tests because the first batch sold like those proverbial hot cakes.

I'm not sure how they came to that conclusion, since the resolution of the Sigma 19 in their tests is better than the Fuji 18, but we're talking about comparing X-Trans to m4/3 in those tests, so it's hard to compare.  Wide angles tests are particularly dubious, since most test facilities don't have test targets large enough to test wide angles at any real distance.

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