D800 Grip Revisited - Nikon is DUMB!

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Re: D800 Grip Revisited - Nikon is DUMB!

Luke Lim wrote:

Issue 1: With my Pixel grip attached to my D800E, even if the power button is off, I will see the green light coming on from time to time. So I wasn't sure if it is consuming power and I question why there is a need to show the green light when the camera is off.

Issue 2: With the battery in the Pixel grip, when the battery power is 100%, there is no issue. But when the battery power is less than 50%. The camera will show the battery has no more power. But if I take out the battery, put it back it and it will work again.

Issue 3: The camera D800E got locked out. As in when I switch off the camera, it doesn't go off. My firmware is the latest firmware. I have to remove the battery and put it back in, to resolve this. It doesn't happen very often and I am not sure if it is related to the grip or not.

Basically my Pixel grip do work but other than issues which I mentioned that happens on an ad-hoc basis and they are not too often to be frustrating. Is there anything wrong with my grip? I use Nikon battery. Just want to see if I need to send back the grip. Only used it twice so far.

This is exactly the kind of aggravating inconsistency I experienced with the Zeikos grip I had for my D300 a few years ago, and the reason I will now buy only Nikon grips (currently on my D800E), though I happily use other third party items. I would say that there is obviously something wrong with your grip, and you should definitely get it replaced.

In addition, I would take your experience as possible evidence that the manufacturer of the cheap grip does not have the consistency of quality control that Nikon has (once the kinks are worked out of new products like the D800), which appears to be part of how the third party guys keep their prices low.

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